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Frequently asked Questions

I work out in a public gym, do I have to film my lifts?

In order to establish the high-quality gym experience Iron Habits looks to provide, filming is a requirement. Your training experience is exponentially better when you can see your own lifting through your coach’s eyes, which can only be done through video. You personally benefit greatly from seeing your lifts - you will make much more rapid improvement in the quality of your technique, your understanding of your own body, the speed at which you can see results, and improve the safety of each training session - therefore filming is a must with Iron Habits. 

Clients often report feeling hesitant to film their lifts in front of people because it feels socially awkward to see themselves on camera or be seen filming in a gym. This hesitation usually subsides after 1 or 2 training sessions. Usually, these feelings are a product of the pressure the trainee has placed on themselves, not having any merit in what is actually going on in the gym. Other people are not paying that much attention! However, if you are looking to minimize the amount of filming you do, we recommend using the Hybrid Club Coaching option.

If your gym does not allow filming, you have a few options: 
- Find a gym that cares about your progress
- Build a home gym (preferred for many reasons)

How do I send my videos to my coach?

Iron Habits uses an app that  allows for a seamless and easy video uploading experience. Trainees can upload, comment on, and edit workout numbers within the app!

How many days a week will I train, and for how long?

Typically, trainees will start out with three- or four-days per week, depending on their scheduling preferences. True beginners sessions usually last 30-45 minutes, while intermediate trainee will be closer to 45 minutes to an hour. More advanced trainees workouts can take up to an hour and 15 minutes.  Over time, these sessions get longer or increase/decrease in number but this progression is generally what can be expected.

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