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Health is not an accident.

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Iron Habits

Iron Habits believes being strong makes for a better, healthier life. Our no-nonsense approach to training centers around the most simple and efficient tool for getting strong: The Barbell. 

At Iron Habits, we use modern technology  to deliver a high-quality online training experience to the beginner and intermediate strength trainee. We use time-tested, proven methods, while using technology to accommodate the schedule of the average hardworking adult. All programs are custom-built to fit your weekly needs.

Whether you're a barbell beginner or experienced lifter, Iron Habits can help you reach your goals in an affordable, time- and money-efficient manner.


Health is not an accident, it is the product of our habits. Master your habits with coaching from Iron Habits!

Who is iron habits?

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Jordan Van Dyk

I am a follower of Jesus, a devoted husband, father, middle school teacher, former college basketball coach, competitive powerlifter and a former NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I live an active, busy lifestyle, so I understands the struggles of maintaining health and fitness while balancing a career and family.  For me, the barbell built my strength - both internally and externally. It turned me from a shy, scared teen into a capable and confident man. It has improved my life in so many ways that I felt compelled to share it's wonders with others. Which prompted the launch of 

Iron Habits in 2020!


Jordan is a great mentor, friend, and personal trainer. He has not only help me lose weight but he had also taught me the tools that I never knew I could have to work harder and complete my fitness goals. I have tried year, after year to work out and eat right on my own. But when I met Jordan, he taught me the true meaning of dedication and consistency. If you listen and stick to his plan 100 percent,I promise you will see results that you never knew you could. Meeting Jordan, and working with him the way I did, I am forever thankful! 


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