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Why Losing Weight and Getting in Shape Didn't Make Me Happier - And What I Learned Instead

Before and after 3 months of weight loss protocols

Losing weight and getting in shape didn’t make me a happier, better person.

It doesn’t happen that way.

Rewind to when INSECURITIES used to control my life.

I’d lash out in anger. I was a jerk to people. I spent my time talking down about others. I gave half-effort to everything.

Why I acted this way became more and more painfully obvious over time:

There wasn’t anything I respected about myself.

I hadn’t earned anything. I hadn’t fought for anything. I cut corners. I hadn’t done the work.

The transformation I made wasn’t about looks or weight. Those things changed, sure, but that wasn’t the purpose.

It was about finally drawing that line in the sand and saying enough is enough.

It was about holding myself accountable for doing better.

It was about not letting myself down.

It was about saying ‘no’ to slacking off, and saying ‘yes’ to what I REALLY WANTED:

Being a better human.

It was about finding something that challenged me, and made me uncomfortable,

and scared me.

Then fighting for it with everything I had.

Pretty quick, I learned that’s the only way to handle insecurities. You need to face them, head on.

One step at a time, I grew stronger in my commitment to controlling my health and ditching the victim mentality!

When I did that, I became a happier, better person.

The outside changed next.

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