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Back Rounding In The Deadlift? Three Exercises That Could Help

I've had my share of issues learning to flatten my back out for deadlifts. To solve the problem of my back rounding, I have found three exercises that have helped me become less of a motor-control moron, and progressively helped me learn proper technique.

Snatch-Grip Deadlift

The Snatch-Grip Deadlift is exactly as it sounds. It is a wider-grip deadlift that features a more pronounced extension of your upper back, which generally helps people learn to also extend their lumbar spine. As with every lift in existence, it takes practice to get right, but it speeds up the learning curve for people like myself who just can't quite understand how to extend their lumbar.

Snatch-Grip Deadlifting
The Snatch-Grip Deadlift

Rack pull

The Rack Pull is important for its ability to be raised or lowered to meet the needs of the lifter. Every lifter I've ever met can extend their low back, but not all can understand how to do it while the bar is on the floor. In this case, starting with a rack pull from knee height and working your way down progressively to the floor one or two inches at a time is a great way to teach low back extension in the proper position.

Five-Position Deadlifts

The Five-Position Deadlift is a regular deadlift, but broken into smaller pieces on the eccentric portion. The lifter will take a load that is lighter than their deadlift, and stand up with it. From the top position (Position 1) it is lowered to just above the knee (position 2) with a slight pause and returned to the top, like a short range-of-motion RDL. From the top, the bar then lowered to just below the knee (position 3) and again paused and returned to the top. This is repeated to the mid shin (position 4) and then the floor (position 5). This gives the lifter a lot of practice at holding the low back in extension at the critical positions where the rounding normally occurs, and can help a lifter piece together how a deadlift should feel.

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