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Master the Deadlift: Top 5 Cues

The Deadlift is hard. I hope this makes it easier!

  1. "Push the Floor Away" This cue reminds lifters that the legs are as involved in the Deadlift as the back. Using your quads to engage the deadlift is critical to getting the bar off the floor with appropriate speed.

  2. "Pull the Slack Out" Many lifters struggle to get into a good position at the bottom of the deadlift. One way you can establish good position and get your back into proper extension is to use your leverages against the bar. Before you attempt to pull the bar off the ground, prepare yourself for a proper pull by wedging yourself into position by attempting to bend the bar upward before you drive your legs.

  3. "Bar Under Your Armpits" This cue is simple, yet effective in teaching the lifter where the bar should be on floor, relative to their shoulders, back, and hips. It helps the lifter establish the proper pulling position and a cue I use often with trainees.

  4. "Squeeze your Chest Up" While leaving your hips and shoulders in place, squeezing the chest up will allow the upper back to get into the right position for an efficient pull.

  5. "Drag the Bar Up Your Legs" The farther the bar gets away from the lifters body, their chance of completing the lift goes down exponentially. No matter how you set up, a heavy deadlift will need to stay close to the lifters body or they will fail the lift. Dragging the bar up the legs creates an efficient pull by eliminating wasted energy from poor bar placement and positioning.

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